Neurogist Insta-Calm Serum Neurogist Insta-Calm Serum

Relieves Skin Sensitivies & Builds Skin's Tolerance against External Triggers

An ideal remedy for skin sensitivity, this super-concentrated serum calms, restores and protects sensitized skin. It prevents irritation and inflammation by up to 112%, accelerates relief against stress flare-ups and disrupts sensitivity triggers to build tolerance in reactive skin.

Key Benefits:
  • Builds higher tolerance against sensitivity triggers in reactive skin
  • Prevents irritation and inflammation by up to 112%
  • Minimizes flushing and blotchiness for an even skin tone

NeuroEase: This unique tri-peptide utilizes a high-tech neuro-action to ease and reduce superficial symptoms of skin irritation like swelling, redness, and skin sensitivity. Also helps skin to be more receptive to the benefits of other performing actives.

pHarmonizer: Aids to achieve skin’s ideal pH level and build up skin’s sensitivity threshold. Also maintains and strengthens the integrity and barrier function of the epidermis to help speed up the coping time needed for skin flare-ups.

Phytopia Complex: A synergistic botanical complex, this active contains astringent properties to calm skin that is prone to flushing, blotchiness and irritation. Reduces the appearance of pores for youthful looking skin.

USD 76.00
USD 76.00