Matte De-Bac Concentrate Matte De-Bac Concentrate

Combats Pimples, Controls Breakouts & Restores Purity to Skin

Matte De-Bac Concentrate releases an unsurpassed concentration of purifying actives into skin, creating a barrier that keeps out blemish-causing bacteria. Working with botanical soothers, it infuses essential moisture into skin and normalizes sebum secretion to reveal a fresh, matte complexion.

Key Benefits:
  • Fights blemishes and controls breakouts to thoroughly purify skin
  • Comforts aggravated skin by soothing irritations, redness and swelling
  • Produces a matte finish by refining pores and regulating moisture levels

Bactolene: This purifying complex helps to combat blemish-causing bacteria and guards against pimple formation. It rebalances skin to normalize sebum secretion and promote a fresh, shine-free complexion.

Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Extract: Aloe plants have been in existence for hundreds of years and treasured for their benefits to skin. It is able to moisturize skin with its excellent water-retaining properties while its soothing capabilities help to reduce irritation, redness, sensitivity and itchiness. Aloe Vera also provides relief to skin that is suffering from over-exposure to sun’s rays.

Allantoin: Boosts skin suppleness and acts as a protective barrier against dryness while improving moisture retention; thereby giving smooth, hydrated and glowing skin.

USD 68.00
USD 68.00