Contour Control Body Gel Contour Control Body Gel

Targets Accumulated Fat Deposits & Stimulates Micro-Circulation with Warming Effect

Engineered with a warming effect, this gel stimulates metabolism to burn accumulated fat deposits, refine the silhouette and detoxify tissues.

*Not suitable for individual with legs prone to fragile capillaries and who are allergic or sensitive to Benzyl Nicotinate.

Key Benefits:
  • Targets accumulated fat deposits and stimulates blood circulation with warming effect
  • Reduces water retention and puffiness by dehydrating fat cells
  • Smoothens and minimizes the appearance of cellulites

CaffeineWorks to firm and tighten skin by dehydrating fatty cells so water will disappear from the surface of your skin, minimizing water retention and puffiness. The appearance of cellulite is smoothened, and your skin begins to look smoother overall.

Stimulating Blend of Zedoary Oil, Ginger Oil and Cinnamon Oil: The blend of oils gives a pleasant warming after-feel on the skin and allows an increase of lymph drainage while stimulating microcirculation for fresh and revitalized skin.

Synergetic Slimming Complex: This complex combines four plant extracts with remarkable cellulite-fighting properties. It targets fat cells and promotes elimination of waste substances that helps to sculpt the body. Experience improvement in texture, elasticity and firmness of skin.

USD 83.00
USD 83.00